Best birding season in Kenya

Kenya, like any other area or country in Africa south of the Sahara, offers excellent birdlife and bird watching opportunities all year round. However, the best time for birdwatching is between late August and late April when most of the migratory birds are present, and the native bird species are nesting and in breeding plumage, making them look very colorful.

Best birding spots in Kenya
  • Nairobi National Park (the world's only wildlife capital)

    An amazing wildlife and game reserve located at the center of Kenya's capital, Nairobi! The park is fenced to protect wildlife from direct contact with humans, while the southern boundary is open to allow migrating wildlife to move between the park and the neighboring Kitengela plains. The park is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including checklists of over 500 species of birds.

  • Tsavo National Park (the place of slaughter)

    The biggest national park in Kenya and among the top 10 biggest in East Africa. Strategically located between the two capital cities of Kenya - Nairobi and Mombasa, it is one of the oldest parks in Kenya with an enormous wilderness area divided into two sections - Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks.

  • Masai Mara National Park

    The greatest wildlife reserve in Africa, connecting with Tanzania's Serengeti National Park. The park not only offers incredible wildlife viewing but also showcases the nomadic Maasai communities and their rich culture, making it a prominent tourist attraction in the region.

  • Amboseli national park

    With the breath taking backdrop of mt Kilimanjaro, comprising of plains, woodlands and rocky thorn bush, great birding experience, elephant and other animals viewing, annual wildebeest migration can also be encountered here

  • Lake nakuru national park.

    Located on the floor of the great rift valley and Kenya’s most popular park, supporting great brdlife including flocks of flamingoes. Easily accessible a few hours’ drive from Nairobi. Safari activities, flamingoes, 100s of migratory birds and rhinos

Other site/parks
  • Mt elgon national park
  • Marsbit national park
  • Meru national park etc
  • Mt Kenya National Park
  • Aberdare Ranges
  • Lake Naivasha
  • Kakamega forest
  • Nyahururu Thomsons Falls
  • Samburu National Reserve
  • Buffalo Springs-Samburu
  • Lake Baringo
  • Arobuke Sokoke
  • Mida Creek
  • Malindi Narine National reserve etc..
Area birds
  • Hinde’s Babbler
  • Aberdare Cisticola
  • Clark’s Weaver
  • Jackson's Spurfowl
  • Williams's Lark
  • Tana River Cisticola
  • Taita Apalis
  • Sharpe's Longclaw
  • Moorlands Chat
  • Scops Owl
  • Abbott's Starling
  • Moorland Francolin
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