Best bird watching season in Tanzania

Tanzania, like any other area or country in Africa south of the Sahara, offers excellent birdlife and bird watching opportunities all year round. However, the best time for birdwatching is between late August and late April when most of the migratory birds are present, and the native bird species are nesting and in breeding plumage, making them look very colorful.

  • Serengeti National Park

    The best of the best national park in the world. It offers a classic safari experience with the presence of the big five (including rare rhinos), hundreds of big cats, and the spectacular wildebeest migration. The park also provides an exceptional bird watching experience with numerous bird species to spot.

  • Tarangire National Park

    Located in the main safari route, Tarangire National Park is less crowded compared to other parks in Tanzania. It offers the opportunity to see four of the big five and a lot of wildlife during the dry spells. The park is known for its elephants, big cats, and a variety of bird species.

  • Mkomazi National Park

    Mkomazi National Park serves as a bridge between the northern safari circuit and other coastal wildlife areas. The park boasts diverse wildlife, including birds, mammals, reptiles, and other fascinating eastern attractions.

  • Mikumi National Park

    Located between Dar es Salaam and Iringa cities, Mikumi National Park shares a border with Africa’s largest game park, the Selous. The park is home to large herds of game, offers superb photography opportunities, and provides a chance to see various mammals and animals grazing in its open grasslands.

  • Udzungwa Mountains National Park

    Alternatively known as the Eastern Arc Mountains, Udzungwa Mountains National Park features huge and tall trees rising up to a height of 2000 meters! It is recorded as the largest and most diverse ecosystem in Africa.

  • Ruaha National Park

    Ruaha National Park is an isolated park in western Tanzania, known for its rare views and outstanding landscapes. The park's size is contributed by the Usangu Game Reserve and wetlands, making it one of the largest parks in East Africa.

Other parks/sites
  • Miombo Woodlands
  • Arusha National Park
  • Masai Steppe
  • Ngorongoro Crater
  • Kilombero Valley
  • Kilimanjaro Mountains
  • Lake Manyara
Area Birds
  • Black-Headed Gonolek
  • Usambara Weaver
  • Udzungwa Bushrike
  • Kilombero Weaver
  • Red-Faced Barbet
  • Usambara Hyliota