About Us

WIDE BIRDING ECO TOURS UGANDA is a private tour company developed passionately and professionally, particularly to provide dignified, Remarkable and Conspicuous Safaris and Holidays in Uganda. With our expertise via entire exploration and extensive research, we strive to always create unique, affectionate and avid extraordinary safaris. You’re yearning for classic bird watching, primates trekking and gorilla experiences, any wildlife experience say African big 5, and cultural safari or any other of its distinguished nature, say beach relaxation or other special occasions in Africa?!!, we create for you a tour itinerary suited to you and your budget.

Our Aim

Our aim is to offer you an exceptional, longing, and authentic African experience, we’re also sustainably committed to do our role as naturalists and protectionists, protecting East African Wildlife and the valuable cultural heritage, we support local projects such as Nzuguto Environmental Conservation Association-NECA in an effort to increase awareness for conservation and ensure that the local communities also benefit from your visit.

Otherwise, we tender more than just a safari…but an experience that will stare on to your mind for the rest of your lifetime!


Our team of highly skilled safari specialists are our local tour guides based throughout East African region. We work with well trained and experienced guides who’re not only authentic and professional but can add that passion touch to your safari.
Among our safari guides,

DAVIS kibuga
(+256 701-928094)
256 778-544626)
DAVIS kibuga is the founder and guide, Banker with a bias in Microfinance but a birder by “passion”! Davis developed quick reflexive attitude in bird watching and nature conservation. He was boosted by a community tourism initiative in his home village dubbed, Nzuguto Environmental Conservation Association (NECA) of which he’s a pioneer member and local guide. He is just obsessed by being in tourism and he doesn’t want to be ever reminded on how he has microfinance background. He’s also a part-time ornithological researcher with natureUganda in important bird areas monitoring, bi-annual waterfowl counts, species conservation surveys and common bird monitoring, active member of Uganda Safari Guides Association (USAGA). His knowledge of African culture, wildlife and bird guiding is undoubtable. Therefore; we are in a great position to help you plan a dream holiday to Uganda!

(Proffessional tour guide)
DEOGRATIUS Muhumuza -Proffessional tour guide (one of the highly regarded ornithologists in Uganda) and a bird guide in Uganda listed on Bird Watching Club for World Travelers (Birding Pal), ornithological researcher and his knowledge about birds and their habitats is undoubtable, is currently co-author of the Uganda cultural guide training manual. He is a tested and affirmed field bird guide,

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Memberships and Associations

Uganda Wildlife Authority
Nature Uanda
Uganda safari guides association
Nzuguto Environmental Eonservation Essociation-NECA
Uganda Bird Guides Club