Uganda is arguably the most attractive country in Africa to birders, not only because of the unusually high number of species recorded with in its boarders, but also due to its easy access to several bird-rich habitats that are difficult to reach elsewhere. Uganda’s remarkable avian diversity of over 1,050 species (more than 50% of the total bird species in Africa) recoded in an area similar to that of Great Britain-can be attributed to its location at a transitional point between the East African savanna, the west African rain forest and the semi-desert of the north. More surprisingly, indicative of Uganda’s transitional location is the fact that only one bird is endemic to the country the recently confirmed resident Fox’s Weaver (ploceus spekeoides). Was confirmed by the members of Uganda Safari Guides Association-USAGA in the mid of 2018 in eastern Uganda.
Ugand Birding
Most of the Uganda specials are west African and Congolese forest birds that would be very difficult to see elsewhere. This is the reason to why the rainforests of western Uganda must be seen as the country’s most important bird homes and one that is of greatest interest to birders where the most alluring forests in terms of localized species are; Semliki Valley National Park, Budongo Forest Reserve, Kibale Forest and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Most forest birds are secretive some elusive that skulk on tall tree canopies! and it can be difficult to get even have a glimpse on them in the dense undergrowth, but looking at them can be simpler with the best local bird enthusiasts most of them capable of identifying all species by call, and even calling up the more responsive species with their lips whistles!

Albertine Rift Endemic Birds Checklist (RWANDA AND UGANDA)

1. (Sylvietta Chapini)
2. African Green Broadbill (Pseudocalyptomena Graueri)
3. Albertine Owlet (Glaucidium Albertinum)
4. Archer's Robin-Chat (Cossypha Archeri)
5. Black-Faced Apalis (Apalis Personata)
6. Blue-Headed Sunbird (Nectarinia Alinae)
7. Chapin's Flycatcher (Muscicapa Lendu)
8. Chapin's Mountain-Babbler (Kupeornis Chapini)
9. Collared Apalis (Oreolais Ruwenzorii)
10. Congo Bay-Owl (Phodilus Prigoginei)
11. Dusky Crimson-Wing (Cryptospiza Jacksoni)
12. Dwarf Honeyguide (Indicator Pumilio)
13. Grauer's Cuckooshrike (Coracina Graueri)
14. Grauer's Swamp-Warbler (Bradypterus Graueri)
15. Grauer's Warbler (Graueria Vittata)
16. Handsome Francolin (Pternistis Nobilis)
17. Kivu Ground-Thrush (Zoothera Tanganjicae)
18. Kungwe Apalis (Apalis Argentea)
19. Mountain Masked Apalis (Apalis Personata)
20. Neumann's Warbler (Hemitesia Neumanni)
21. Prigogine's Greenbul (Chlorocichla Prigoginei)
22. Prigogine's Nightjar (Caprimulgus Prigoginei)
23. Purple-Breasted Sunbird (Nectarinia Purpureiventris)
24. Red-Collared Mountain-Babbler (Kupeornis Rufocinctus)
25. Red-Faced Woodland-Warbler (Phylloscopus Laetus)
26. Red-Throated Alethe (Alethe Poliophrys)
27. Regal Sunbird (Nectarinia Regia)
28. Rockefeller's Sunbird (Nectarinia Rockefelleri)
29. Ruwenzori Batis (Batis Diops)
30. Ruwenzori Turaco (Gallirex Johnstoni)
31. Rwenzori Double-Collared Sunbird (Nectarinia Stuhlmanni)
32. Rwenzori Nightjar (Caprimulgus Ruwenzorii)
33. Shelley's Crimson-Wing (Cryptospiza Shelleyi)
34. Strange Weaver (Ploceus Alienus)
35. Stripe-Breasted Tit (Parus Fasciiventer)
36. Yellow-Crested Helmet-Shrike (Prionops Alberti)
37. Yellow-Eyed Black Flycatcher (Melaenornis Ardesiacus)


Number of species: 1078
Number of endemics: 1
Number of globally threatened species: 35
Number of introduced species: 1
Number of rare/hard see, species: 71
Common Ostrich
White-faced Whistling-DuckHelmeted Guineafowl
Fulvous Whistling-DuckCrested Guineafowl
White-backed DuckGALLIFORMES: Odontophoridae, (PARTRIAGE,FRANCOLINS
Comb DuckStone Partridge
Hartlaub’s DuckNahan’s Francolin
Egyptian GooseGALLIFORMES: Phasianidae, (QUAILS, FRANCOLINS)
Spur-winged GooseBlue Quail
African Pygmy-GooseCommon Quail
GarganeyHarlequin Quail
Hottentot TealHandsome Francolin

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