Safari holidays is synonymous within the Africa region. When safari is mentioned, it conjures images of the African wilderness, wildlife watching and experiencing the hospitality of the locals. A safari is meant to leave a memorable and lasting experience hence planning is a very important undertaking.
A safari trip to Uganda would not be complete without seeing the Gorillas, Chimpanzees and the African big five (while birding, a chance you may encounter them at a free cost but we can’t guarantee them). It would definitely be one of the highlights of your trip.
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When is the best time for Uganda trip?
This is the question that usually comes to the mind of anybody planning to come to Uganda on a safari or holiday. There is no simple answer to this question. The following information may help you choose which month to travel:
The tourism seasons in Uganda is roughly divided into 3 categories.
Low season
this is the period between Aprils to June. This is the period of the long rains from end of March to June. The advantage in travelling this period is that the safari cost is at its lowest.
Shoulder season
This is the period between November to March. There are usually short rains between Novembers to December. January to March is usually rainless with hot weather. In this period, there is less crowding in hotels and parks. This allows for an authentic safari experience as you view wildlife with fewer distractions from a crowded park. Lodge/Camp accommodation and other services are relatively less expensive.
High season
This is the period between July to October. It is the time just after the long rains and It is advisable to book early if one is planning to travel in this period.
Book in Advance
Uganda and Rwanda are the only two places to see the mountain gorillas in Africa, actually Uganda has more than half of the remaining world’s mountain gorilla population. That means everyone would be clamoring to watch these wild animals and these tours tend to get booked pretty fast. To get a good moment with the gorilla, make sure to book as early as possible.
Unforgettable experience
Choose a good camera and a pair of binoculars, for a birder may carry along a spotting scope. Don't forget to take plenty of extra memory cards and batteries. This adventure is not just for your eyes to see but also for your memories to remember. Bring your camera along to capture some of the stunning. Every sight is a picture-worthy moment, so be sure to document it.
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