Semliki valley national park: A true birders’ heaven

Is situated within the Albertine Rift, bounded to the northwest by the Semliki river, which runs along the Congolese border into lake Albert and to the east by the Fort Portal-Bundibugyo road. The park protects a practically un spoilt tropical lowland forest, essentially an easterly extension of the great Ituri forest that stretches all the way from Uganda to the Congo River. Considering its small size, Semliki national park protects an extraordinary fauna diversity. It’s of particular interest to birdwatchers: 435 bird species have been recorded, including a high proportion of forest birds and about 45 species seen nowhere else in Uganda including rarity of the smallest

African piculet. For amateur birders, Semliki is not only certain to throw up a clutch of “lifers”- it also offers a faint but real possibility of a brand-new East African record like Congo Serpent-Eagle, Grey-Throated Rail, And Black-Throated Coucal. Only 53 mammal species occur and 11 species seen nowhere else in Uganda including Pygmy Antelope, Two Types of Flying Squirrels and Six Types of Bats, though the patchy look of the existing checklist (no nocturnal primates or small carnivores and only one species of duiker) suggest that it is far from complete.

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